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What we do?

We provide online event scheduling and booking for businesses in the tour and transportation industry.  Whether your business offers services daily, weekly or monthly, ScheduleBug is the right solution.  Our commitment is to make the customer experience as simple and straight forward as possible.  We pride ourselves on our easy to use, secure platform requiring minimal training and management while at the same time providing a point-and-click purchasing method for your customers.

ScheduleBug is ideal for any business that offers regularly scheduled events such as shuttle services, tours, charters, and shows.  Our system allows you to have full control over your scheduled events including calendaring, pricing, availability, and customer management.  Purchases are handled securely and deposited directly into your account.  We offer all of this for a low-cost, transaction-based fee with no hidden costs.

Watch our introduction video:

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  • ImageShuttle services
  • ImageGuided events
  • ImageBike tours
  • ImageWalking tours
  • ImageFishing charters
  • ImageCruises
  • ImageShows & Events
  • ImageMany more...

Our Rates


ScheduleBug is committed to providing the best online experience and best value for business owners.  Our fees are transaction based, which means we only make money when you do.

We charge a flat fee of $0.59 for each transaction.  We process payments through Stripe, an industry leading third-party payment platform.  Credit card payments are subject to Stripe processing fees of $0.30 + 2.9%.  Our pricing structure allows ScheduleBug to remain affordable to all businesses.

For example:  If your customer makes a purchase of $30.00, the purchase is subject to fees of $1.76.  If your customer makes a purchase of $90.00, the fees are $3.50.

ScheduleBug's flexibility allows for businesses to optionally recuperate all fees as part of the customer's purchase.  We offer free setup, have no recurring fees, and require no contracts.  From small to large, we welcome businesses of any size.

About Stripe


Stripe handles payments for some of the worlds largest companys.

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